No Man’s Sky: Epic Collaborative Effort

One thought on “No Man’s Sky: Epic Collaborative Effort

  1. Sorry to be an anonymous douche, but you’re wrong on many levels about many things.

    1. The game started with Sean Murray starting a procedural engine and keeping it up in his spare time.

    2. No Mans Sky development officially started in Septemeber of 2012, with 4 people,Sean,David,Hazel, and Grant, slightly different than the founders of HG, the core 4 of HG all of the above stated, replacing Hazel Mckendrick with Ryan Doyle, who knew bout the secret project. But it was decided that they wanted. Someone to stay on the JD team to still hve a founder and core 4 guy on with smaller but original project. .

    3. There wasn’t at 1st 18 Quintiilion planets, or 2 to the 64th power, at1st. When starting it was 2 to yhe 32nd power, in the billion

    4. Procedural Generation is very old in video games, famously , not sure it was the first use of PG? But it was used in the 1st Elite, a predecessor to NMS and a game that many of HG’s employees played as kids, in 1984, not 2014. The input to this maths equation is the player, me where you are in thy universe,and the output is what you see,hear, etc.

    5. It will be available on both ps4 and PC on the same day, or as close as possible. It. Is merely a console exclusive, so it may come to XO one day.

    Cheers and great video otherwise! 😉


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