Course/Game Rules

As this course is itself played as a game, the form and function here will be different than most courses. The upside is that students will know at the beginning exactly how many points are needed to earn the letter grade they hope to achieve (see grade scale). The challenge, however, is figuring out the most desirable approach to achieve those goals.

Players (students) earn course points to reach their desired grade level.

Players must do course readings, engage in-class activities, collaborate with fellow students on various tasks and challenges, and complete a variety of course assignments in order to (a) earn course points and course diamonds, (b) access point/diamond bonus rolls, and (c) unlock achievements.

1.1) 85% Rule: Players must earn a grade of 85% or higher (also known as “successful completion) on any graded assignment in order to earn course points for that assignment. Work receiving 84% and below can be revised and resubmitted for an improved grade (cost = 1 diamond).

1.2) At the end of the course, when players no longer have time to revise and resubmit, they may still earn course points on work not reaching the 85% “successful completion” mark by using the Diamond-for-Point-Credit (DPC) Exchange. To do this, students must indicate in writing (in print or via email) to the instructor that they would like to exchange the requisite number of earned course diamonds to allow their below-85% score of a corresponding assignment to be added to their final course grade total.
These diamond exchange rate is as follows:
– L2: 2 Diamonds per assignment
– L3: 3 Diamonds per assignment
– L4: 3 Diamonds per assignment
– L5: 4 Diamonds per assignment
– L6: 4 Diamonds per assignment
– L1 & L7: Not applicable

2) Required Work: Players must “successfully complete” the required course work in order to earn a grade above an F (See distinction between “complete” and “successfully complete” below). Note: all required work is marked on the Course Assignment Guide.

3) Level 6: To receive a letter grade above a B- in the course/game, a player must have completed one level 6 assignment (See Course Assignment Guide).

4) Peer-Reviews: To receive a letter grade above a C- in the course/game, a player must complete at least 3 peer reviews in the course.

5) All worked turned-in for a grade must include a completed Assignment Cover Sheet (available in Canvas).  Assignment without Cover Sheets will be returned to students without a grade.


Successful Completion vs. Completion:
Completion – an assignment is completed when a player turns it in for a grade. Completing an assignment (in a good faith effort) allows a player to move onto the next assignment in the assignment sequence but does not earn course points. To earn course points, an assignment must be “successfully completed” (see below)

Successful Completion – an assignment is successfully completed when a player earns 85% or higher on that assignment. If an assignment fails to be “successfully completed,” players may revise and resubmit that work for an improved grade. Each revision costs the player 1 course diamond (maximum of 2 revisions per assignment).

Diamonds are a form of course currency. They can be exchanged for various opportunities in the course. Their primary function, for example, is to be spent on revisions of course work that has been “completed” but not “successfully completed.” However, diamonds can also be used for Instant Assignment Completions (IAC) and can be exchanged, at the end of the course, either to have the points of specific “completed” assignments count toward the final point total or to become points themselves (at the rate of 10 points per diamond; maximum of 100 course points).

Instant Assignment Completion (IAC)
The various paths outlined on the Course Assignment Guide demonstrate not just a flow of assignments, but a sequence of steps. As such, for players to complete a Level 3 assignment, they must first have completed the requisite level 2 and level 1 assignments for that particular assignment path. Players may, however, bypass completing a particular course assignment by exchanging a number of diamonds (required number indicated on each assignment description). To do so, the player must (1) have earned the diamonds prior to the exchange and (2) inform the instructor in writing (print/email) of the diamond expenditure. NOTE: IACs do not result in any course points for the player; rather, it merely allows a player to progress along the assignment path to the next assignment in the sequence. ALSO NOTE: once a student uses diamonds for an IAC, that assignment cannot later be completed.

Star/Bonus Roll
Successfully completing certain course assignments, as well as some in-class activities, result in players earning the right to take a Bonus Roll. For the Bonus Roll, players roll a 20-sided die (in class, in front of the instructor) to determine his or her bonus reward. See Bonus Reward Chart below:

Roll Reward Roll Reward
1 5 Course Points 11 1 Diamond + 5 points
2 6 Course Points 12 1 Diamond + 6 points
3 7 Course Points 13 1 Diamond + 7 points
4 8 Course Points 14 1 Diamond + 8 points
5 9 Course Points 15 1 Diamonds + 9 points
6 10 Course Points 16 1 Diamonds + 10 points
7 11 Course Points 17 1 Diamonds + 15 points
8 12 Course Points 18 2 Diamonds
9 13 Course Points 19 2 Diamonds + 10 points
10 14 Course Points 20 1 Diamond + 1 Bonus Roll

There are a number of achievements in this game rewarded for particularly outstanding types of play. While some can be accomplished by multiple players (indicated by the (m) below), there are several awarded for being the first player (or players) to reach certain thresholds or success measures.

Diamond Hunter (m) – Awarded for earning 7 diamonds (not including 2 granted at the start of the game [Award: +20 Course Points and 1 Bonus Roll].

Peer Review Initiate (m) – Awarded for completing 5 Peer Reviews [Award: +20 course points, 1 Bonus Roll].

Peer Review Master (m) – Awarded for completing 10 Peer Reviews [Award: +1 Diamonds, +1 Bonus Roll].

Perfect Attendee (m) – Awarded for perfect attendance [Award: +50 Course Points].

The Scholar – Awarded for being the first player to earn a 100% on a Peer-Reviewed Assignment (excluding L1 Assignments) [Award: +2 Diamonds].

Bonus Captain – First player(s) to earn 50 in-class bonus points [Award: +1 Diamond].

Steady Eddie/Steady Edith (m) – Earn 100 in-class bonus points [Award: +1 Diamond, +1 Bonus Roll].

Collaborateer – First player(s) to successfully complete 2 collaborative assignments [Award: + 1 Diamonds, +1 Bonus Roll].

The Playa – First player to complete all 10 required PELs [Award: + 1 Bonus Roll].

The Front Runner – First Player to reach 700 course points [Award: +2 Diamonds].

The Little Engine That Could – First Player to revise an assignment twice in order to earn “successfully completed” status [Award: +1 Diamonds, +1 Bonus Roll].

Revision Guru – First player to complete 3 revisions resulting in “successfully completed” assignments [Award: +3 Diamonds].


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