Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the guidelines for turning in Reading Responses?
Reading Responses 1 & 3 are summary responses. Both of those need to be turned in on the day we discuss the reading in class.  Reading Responses 2 & 4 are summary/theme/application responses, which are a bit more involved. They are due within 7 days of our discussing the readings in class.

Is there a limit to the amount of Bonus Points we can earn?
The only limit to the number of Bonus Points you may earn is the number of Bonus Point opportunities (and amounts) provided. In class Bonus Point opportunities will usually add up to around 100 points. Outside of that, Bonus Points you earn from Star Rewards (i.e., Bonus Rolls) is limited by the number of dice rolls you earn.

How many assignments per level are we required to do?
You are not required to do any specific amount of assignments on a per-level basis. You do, however, want to successfully complete enough course work to earn the grade you desire. And if that grade is an A- or higher, then your work must include the completion of at least one L6 Assignment.

How soon should we start planning our L6 Assignment?
You should plan for which L6 assignment you want to do as soon as possible. This will allow you to identify the prerequisite course work for that L6 and to plan your schedule accordingly. But in terms of actually beginning work on the L6 assignment, you may want to make some progress on the other course assignments before you really get too far into the efforts on L6; the reality is that the readings and/or course work are likely to transform your L6 ideas.



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