Reading Response Resources

Point Value
20 course points each.

Reading Response Resources is a low-stakes entry into doing course readings responses, which are writing and thinking activities designed for students to engage with the course reading.

– Complete an assigned course reading
– 2 PELs

To complete this assignment, students need to complete a Reading Response (2). RR(2)s require that students write a 200-350 word response that summarizes the reading (according to the guidelines in the RR(2) assignment description).

Star Reward
Students who successfully complete this assignment will be eligible to perform Reading Responses (2, 4, & 6).

Assignment Description
Reading Response (2) are designed to allow students the opportunity to reflect on a selected course reading and to put into their own words a summary of that reading. The point of this L1 version of the RR(2) assignment is to provide a low-stakes entry into students’ first real writing activity for the course. That is, I will grade the RR(2)s as I normally would, but as long as students have genuinely attempted the assignment they will receive 20/20 for completing it. Note, the goal here is completion and not successful completion—meaning, this is the one time where a writing assignment that receives less than an 85% will count toward students course point total.

The reason for this is that it allows me to get a better sense of where the students are as writers and it allows students to develop a sense for how I’m going to grade/respond to their writing. And with the low-stakes approach here, it allows for all sorts of unusual frames or expectations to become more aligned with particular course expectations without being a major detriment to students grades.

The Reading Response (2) for this assignment will be graded like all other RR(2)s. It will be assessed on its overall written quality (Is the prose readable? Is it relatively free from grammatical and punctuation issues? Does it offer a sense of clarity of thought? Is it concise? etc.), the performance of the summary (the depth or degree of summation, or the ability to wield the key concepts of the work in a clear and impactful way), and the ability to stay within the guidelines of the assignment (word count, quotation rule, etc.) – and here students should be sure to revisit the RR(2) assignment description.

This is meant to introduce students to RR(2) writing, to my grading approach, and to the basic functions of the course assignment procedures.


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