Syllabus (Comprehension and Quiz)

25 Course Points

Students who complete this quiz will have demonstrated a functional understanding of the course design, policies, and procedures.

– (2) PELs
– Read the course syllabus

To complete this assignment, students need to first spend 2 PELs to unlock the assignment. Then they should log onto our course CANVAS site and take the quiz under the Quizzes menu tab. The assignment is only successfully completed when students have earned 25/25 on the quiz. To this end, students can retake the quiz as many times as needed.

Assignment Description
The quiz asks a series multiple-choice questions related to this complex course design. The answers can be found in the course syllabus. Students should read the syllabus and use it as a resource while taking the quiz.

CANVAS will automatically grade the quiz as students take it.

In order to successfully navigate this course, students need to understand the course design and mechanisms as well as possible. This quiz is one of many early attempts to ensure students grasp a functional understanding of the course design. It also serves a gate-keeping function: if students cannot successfully navigate the syllabus quiz, it will be very difficult to be successful in this course.


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