Leading Reading Discussion

Up to 50

This assignment requires students to work in pairs and lead the class in a discussion/engagement of an assigned course reading.

–  Must have completed all L1 Assignments
–  Must have completed L2 – Joining the Vlogosphere Assignment
–  Must have a collaborator (i.e., partnering student) from our course who is also eligible for this assignment
–  Must have instructor approval for selected reading

To complete this assignment, students must lead a 20 – 30 minute class discussion (and engagement) of an assigned course reading . The discussion must include one activity.

Diamond Reward
Students who successfully complete this assignment will receive +1 diamond.

Assignment Description
Being able to lead a discussion or foster a critical and engaging conversation is increasingly an ability of value for new age companies and emerging industry practices. It is, to be fair, a difficult task (or, rather, difficult to do it well), but as a skill set it has value in a wide range of areas, from team leadership to person-to-person relationships to collaborative activities. Beyond that, it asks us to think about comprehension and idea representation in a way that is more generative than prescriptive; that is, the expository element here is emergent rather than simply being available for description. As such, this assignment is designed not only to better familiarize students with course content (the obvious value), but to create opportunities in which students can gain experience with discussion-based presentations and engagements—entities that often dance on the margins of many game-related practices.

To help create a dynamic that may lend itself more readily to conversation or discussion, this assignment will be a collaborative undertaking. Students, working in pairs, will need to lead the class in a discussion and activity engaging a particular set of assigned readings. In so doing, students should request a particular reading/day, and talk with the instructor about the practices, strategies, and approaches that may help students be successful.

The key here is to foster a discussion. This means that while there will be notable moments when the presenters are doing most of the talking, the process will likely be more valuable if other student voices contribute and participate

– Readings/Day must be approved.
– Assignments must be done collaboratively. Both students must be eligible to complete this assignment.
– Discussions are to be roughly 20 minutes, with approximately 10 minutes reserved for an activity engaging the critical ideas from the reading. Together, the 20-30 minute LRD should

  • demonstrate that the presenting students have an in-depth understanding of the reading;
  • foster conversations about key issues and concepts;
  • facilitate connections between readings (when appropriate);
  • make connections with gaming platforms/artifacts when applicable.

– All activities students intend to have their fellow classmates do must be approved by the instructor.

These LRDs will be graded on the basis of the presenting students demonstrated understanding of the reading, the insightful and/or creative approaches employed to help fellow classmates engage and situate the key ideas from the reading, and the quality and depth of the conversation the presenting students are able to foster.

The goal of this assignment is to help students think about the expository process in a more inventive rather than prescriptive or descriptive manner. Meaning, the idea is not to clearly layout a collection of ideas and/or explain how the relate, but to create a situation in which a group can come together to collectively develop their own understandings of a particular content in a way that is emergent rather than dormant.

Instant Completion
3 Diamonds


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