Critical Exposition

Up to 250

Students will need to research and craft a  paper that explores, in some critical depth, the topic proposed in the Critical Application Pitch. These expositions are meant to demonstrate a significant undertaking and significant understanding on the part of the student.

– Must have completed all of L1;
– Must have completed L2 – Expositing Play Strategies or L2 – Current Trends Paper
– Must have completed L4 – Game(r) Review or L4 – Game(r) Guide;
– Must have completed L5 – Critical Application Pitch.

To complete this assignment, students need to  write a paper (1800 – 2300 words) that explores in critical depth a key issue related to rhetoric and/or games (an issue they have identified, preliminarily explored, and situated in relation to a particular approach/perspective in the Critical Application Pitch). The goal here is expository writing. As such, while it may be tempting to mount an argument toward one end or the other, students should focus on working through the particular nuances of the issues at hand, painting a fuller picture of what is at stake and how the author expects readers to view/understand the focus of the exposition. Papers should include an Assignment Cover Sheet (available in Canvas) as well as a unique title (meaning, simply repeating the title of the assignment will not work) and a final total word count (not including work cited). These expositions should follow APA or MLA citation guidelines and practices, and they should be handed in as hard copy (i.e., printed). These papers must also be peer reviewed [see Peer Review Guide for this assignment]

Diamond Reward
Students who successfully complete this assignment will receive +4 diamonds.

Assignment Description
Students must write a paper on the issue proposed in their Critical Application Pitch. These papers should explore the topic in significant depth and should be informed by current and foundational research on the issue.

These papers will vary in length depending on topic, issue, and depth of exploration, but students should target a goal of 1800-2300 words (not including work cited or footnotes/endnotes). (Please indicate total word count at end of text in brackets: i.e., [Word Count: 3217]. Word count should precede any work cited or end notes).

Students should include a complete work cited with their papers. Both in-text and work cited citation styles should be consistent and should follow either APA or MLA citation style guides. Failing to follow style guides will negatively impact grades.

Bonus Requirement: These papers are not meant merely for an in-class exercise. As such, students should include a paragraph or two after the work cited page that identifies 2 possible publication venues for their expositions. These can range from scholarly outlets to  popular publication venues, but for each venue listed students should include a brief description of the magazine’s, journal’s, or publisher’s focus, its basic submission guidelines/process, and a one or two sentence statement on why the student feels this is an appropriate venue (i.e., how does your paper fit here?).

Papers for this assignment will be graded on their overall written quality (Is the prose readable? Is it relatively free from grammatical and punctuation issues? Does it offer a sense of clarity of thought? Is it concise? Etc.), the performance of the assignment (does the student significantly explore the topic/focus? Are there claims and/or explorations grounded in support and appropriate sources?), and the ability to stay within the guidelines of the assignment (word count, citation, publication venues, etc.).

The goal of this assignment is to allow students an opportunity to develop a more extended exposition of a topic of interest, demonstrating the ability to sustain a more complex set of engagements in written form.

Instant Assignment Completion
No IAC for this assignment


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