PEL Advanced

Up to 25

PELs Advanced is an augmentation to the PELs that form the bedrock of the course. In this advanced version, student-players are asked to write a more extended/in-depth engagement of a gaming experience. [PEL Advanced counts as 5 PELs [i.e., 25 points]]

Students must have successfully completed all the required PELs before they can complete this Level 5 PEL Advanced.

– Play the same game for at least 30 continuous minutes each day for five or more days; or
– Play two or more games of the same genre (completing multiple instances, levels, chapters, campaigns, etc. in each); or
– Play an MMORP and complete a major campaign or instances (as part of a group)

To complete this assignment, students need to offer a more extended written engagement/reflection on their play experience. A PEL Advanced should be 500 – 750 words, typed, and printed. [PEL Advanced with major writing issues will not be credited.]

Assignment Description
PEL Advanced is an extended engagement of a particular gaming experience. Like their PEL counterparts, these are designed to get student-players to reflect on their gaming experiences, but these differ in terms of their depth and complexity.

In the Reflections section of the PEL Advanced, student-players may want to:
– reflect on their play experience as it has evolved over multiple days (i.e., what kinds of play have been offered? How have their play expectations evolved?);
– analyze/express thoughts on the game, game play, gaming situations, etc. (i.e., particularly considering play similarities across games, games experiences, etc.);
– talk about an issue or idea in relation to their game, game play, or play experience (i.e., extended across multiple games or multiple play occurrences; or framed in terms of group play dynamics);
– share insightful tips about gameplay strategies (i.e., across games, comparatively framed around individual vs. group play, and so on);
– connect the game/play to course content (discussions or readings).

This list of possible approaches is not exhaustive. Rather, these options are offered here as an inventional aid—starting places for thinking about how one might reflect on his or her play experiences. The main object is to approach these as being reflective on, insightful for, or responsive to more nuanced and extended play experiences.

PEL Advanced will be graded on a credit/half-credit/no credit approach. Full credit will be awarded for PELs that (1) offer a genuine reflection and/or engagement on an extended or layered play experience and (2) are written with an attention to their writing quality.

In order to write about games, you need to play games, and a PEL Advanced is one way this course is designed to ensure (1) that students have personal play experiences and (2) that they spend time reflecting on those experiences. In so doing, students may be better situated to leverage these play experiences for assignments and applications in this course.


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