Reading Response 2

Point Value
Reading Response 2 is worth up to 40 course points. 

Reading Responses are writing and thinking activities that allow students to engage with the course reading.

– Must read an assigned course reading and submit RR2 within 7 days of that reading being discussed in course.
– Must have completed all L1 assignments.

To complete this assignment, students need to write a response that identifies and attempts to apply a theme, theory, issue, or perspective from the reading. These are graded assignments, and as such should be produced with an eye toward their written quality.

Assignment Description
Reading Response 2 is designed to allow student-players to identify major perspectives in the readings and to use those perspectives as a lens for looking at other related concepts, practices, artifacts, activities, and the like.

To do this, students must have an understanding of what the text is about and be able to identify and articulate a major point, premise, theme, theory, issue, or perspective (we will refer to this as a focal concept or frame) and then work to apply that focal concept in some meaningful way.

Student-players will need to divide these reading responses into three sections:
– Section 1 – summarize the work and explain the essential elements of this focal concept/frame (and they will need to do so within no more than 200 words)
– Section 2 – articulate/state the focal concept under consideration
– Section 3 – apply that concept/frame as an explanatory model. To do this, student-players will need to choose an artifact or activity they know well and attempt to explain or situate that artifact/activity within the guiding frame. [Note: the entire response cannot exceed 800 words).

Reading Response 2  will be graded on its overall written quality (Is the prose readable? Is it relatively free from grammatical and punctuation issues? Does it offer a sense of clarity of thought? Is it concise? etc.), the accuracy, depth, and insightfulness of the application, and the ability to stay within the guidelines of the assignment.

Reading Responses are a course resource. They are opportunities for students to stumble upon key ideas or concerns that they might later pursue in course work. Reading Response 2  is particularly good at helping students think through examples and applications of concepts which will be beneficial to later, more complex works in the course.

Instant Assignment Completion
No IAC available for this assignment.


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