Reading Response 5

Point Value
Reading Response 5 is worth up to 60 course points.

Reading Responses are writing and thinking activities that allow students to engage with the course reading.

Complete the assigned course readings.

To complete this assignment, students need to write a response that explores, in some depth, connections between the assigned reading and other readings from the class.

Assignment Description
Reading Response 5 is designed to allow students to begin to build idea and concept webs that allow for richer, more complex models and methods for making sense of rhetoric, play, and game related issues.

To do this, students must have a solid understanding of a reading as well as one (or more) other course texts. Then, in 600 – 900 words, students will need to explore and explain the ways in which two (or more) texts can be brought to bear on one another to (1) illuminate (and/or challenge) the key ideas at stake in each text; (2) serve as complimentary frames for explaining an activity or artifact outside their original scope; or (3) offer a point of intervention into an area or practice in need of more significant inquiry. In all three cases, students will need to demonstrate a critical understanding of the readings in question, represent the core elements of each in concise and effective prose, and use specific elements from the readings to support particular claims.

Reading Response 5 will be graded on its overall written quality (Is the prose readable? Is it relatively free from grammatical and punctuation issues? Does it offer a sense of clarity of thought? Is it concise? etc.), the ability to wield two (or more) conceptual structures in a shared space, the depth and insightfulness of the exploration of the concepts toward their targeted purposes, and the ability to stay within the guidelines of the assignment.

Reading Responses are a course resource. They are opportunities for students to stumble upon key ideas or concerns that they might later pursue in course work. Reading Response 5 is designed to provide a significant level of engagement that absolutely should function as foundational elements in other course assignments.


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