Course Trivia (Crack) 3

Points: Up to 25

Abstract: Students will be asked a series of questions in a style and manner keeping with that of Evermax’s mobile app game Trivia Crack.

– Must complete all assignments in Level 1
– Must complete either:
* Course Trivia (Crack) 1, Course Trivia (Crack) 2; or
* PELs 1-3, 4-6, and 7&8.

Completion: To complete this assignment, students must answer (in a timely manner) a series of questions that span five categories: definition, comprehension, application, procedural, and relational.

Diamond Reward: Students who successfully complete this assignment will receive 1 diamond.

Assignment Description: Students will be asked to answer five questions, one from each of the five categories: definition, comprehension, application, procedural, and relational. All questions draw on the full breadth of the course experience, which includes not only course readings, but course discussions and lectures, as well as supplemental posts and instructional media made available on Canvas and our course website.

– Definition questions focus primarily on key concepts/figures/terminology and foundational articulations of those elements.
– Comprehension questions focus primarily on course readings and students ability to understand, analyze, and internalize critical issues, ideas, and perspectives.
– Application questions focus primarily on having students apply critical ideas from course content and discussion.
– Procedural questions focus primarily on order of operation issues or historical orientations for particular texts, idea, and authors.
– Relational questions focus primarily on making connections across texts/lectures/discussions.

Evaluation: Minus a few qualitative questions, most questions will be quantitative assessed. Meaning, there will be correct/incorrect answers for most of the questions, with evaluation procedures reflecting those qualities.

Goals: The goal of this assignment is measure students attention and retention of critical course materials and discussions. It helps affirm critical ideas and highlight crucial points of consideration, but also is a way of ensuring accountability to course materials, lectures, and discussions.

Instant Assignment Completion:
2 Diamonds