Digital Narrative

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This assignment requires students to create a digital narrative that develops a game character narrative (i.e., a backstory/future projections of a game character).

–  Must have completed all L1 Assignments
–  Must have completed all 10 PELs
–  Must be peer-reviewed

To complete this assignment, students must create a digital narrative (as webtext [using Adobe Slate,, prezi, other] or as video) that tells a story about a game character they currently play. As these are “digital,” they need to be completed in a digital platform and to effectively utilize the affordances of that digital platform.

Assignment Description
In a digital-visual world, knowing how to bring together text and image (both still images and moving images) in a meaningful way is of critical importance to one’s digital communication abilities. But making multimodal representations and creating digitally engaging narratives involves more complexity than merely putting some artifacts together on the page. Like all rhetorical practices, there is an art to multimedia communication. One must think about the relationship of all the elements, their design, their layout and interconnectivity. Or, if making a video (as multimedia, digital narrative), one must think of the relationship of image to sound to text to motion. These myriad of considerations ask digital writers to consider not only multiple issues in terms of content, but in terms of representational and experiential practices.

As such, students will be required to create a digital narrative (loosely defined) that tells us a story, that acts as an expose, that works as biography/autobiography for a game character they currently play. These artifacts can be dynamic webtexts. They might take shape as (minor) interactive images. Or as videos. Or even as a multidimensional Powerpoint. In short, take a lot of forms. What will help in determining the form you might pursue is figuring out the kind of story you want to tell, the kinds of elements you want to present, and the kind of authorship you think most suited for this production (i.e., Adobe Slate narrative vs. voice-over video creation).

As these projects can take a variety of forms, it is difficult to pen down the guidelines. A “one-size-fits-all” approach simply won’t work. But the obstructions we might consider are that these projects must take narrative form, must include/integrate multiple media, must be deliverable primarily (if not exclusively) through digital means, and must involve a notable effort/undertaking.

Each student will be required to provide a set of evaluative criteria (i.e., how he or she wishes their project to be evaluated) and then must evaluate his/her own work in relation to that evaluative criteria. I will then use that criteria as the primary basis for my assessment of the project.

The goal of this assignment is to give students an opportunity for a more creative engagement of games/character issues and to simultaneously experience the practice (and process) of creating a digital narrative.

Instant Assignment Completion
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