Game(r) Review

Up to 125

Game(r) Review asks students to analyze the genre of game reviews and to produce their own game review based on the elements, style, format, approach, etc., identified in their analysis.

– Complete all L1 assignments
– Complete L2 Expositing Play Strategies or L2 Current Trends Paper
– Must be Peer Reviewed before turning in for a grade

To complete this assignment, students need to (1) produce a short genre analysis of a specific publication’s game reviews (no more than 300 words) and (2) write a review of a relatively recent game for that publication (using the analysis as a guide for one’s writing choices). All project elements should be submitted with an Assignment Cover Sheet, and should include a unique title (meaning, simply repeating the title of the assignment will not work)

Diamond Reward:
Students who successfully complete this assignment will earn 2 course diamonds.

Assignment Description:
An widely common form of writing, particularly in digital environments, is the review—and games, like literature, like film, like music have a robust community who not only contributes reviews, but who thrives on the reviews. These reviews range in focus from aesthetics to mechanics, play styles to playability and play experience, market viability and transmedial representations—and these only scratch the surface. Reviews often include comparisons to other games in the same genre and previous games in the same sequence or story line. The key with reviews, it seems, is understanding the publication venue and the audience, both of which help establish particular sets of review conventions as well as tonal, topical, and treatment orientations.

As such, for the first part of this assignment, students must select a specific publication venue for game reviews and then do an analysis of the publication and 5 game reviews over the past year. These analytical papers should identify the publication, its purpose, and its target audience—not just gamers, but what types of gamers, what is the likely age range, what are their likely preferences in play, in graphics, in systems (Xbox vs. PS4 vs. PC/MAC, etc.). Then students should closely examine 5 game reviews (all within the last 12 months) and identify their common features: purpose, format, focus, style (writing style as well as evaluative style), arrangement, word count or review length, embedded media, etc. What kind of games do they tend to focus on? Do the reviews frequently include statistics or data? What kind? Do they commonly reference the graphics? Are their explorations of play styles or adjustments for different player abilities?

After completing the analysis and identifying the venue, the audience, and the key features of a review for that publication, students should then produce a review for that publication operating within the identified guides. For example, the average review length for the publication will determine the expected review length for this assignment—which means that review length requirements will vary from student to student and target venue to target venue.

These works will be evaluated in terms of their overall written quality, the depth and clarity of the genre/venue analysis, and the degree to which students are able to produce reviews that adhere to the convention guides established from the analysis. As such, the more detailed and formative the analysis, the clearer the established criteria for production

The goal of this assignment is not only to allow students continued practice with written exposition, but to introduce students to both genre analysis and the production of discourse within established genre conventions.

Instant Assignment Completion:
4 Diamonds