Peer Review Guide – L1 RR1

For this first peer-review activity, you will need two peer reviewers. The first should read your work aloud to you to help you hear your own voice. The second reviewer should approach your work in a more traditional editing fashion.

Peer-Reviewer 1
Read the Reading Response aloud to the author. When finished, share one positive you found in the response and one area that could be improved (write both in the space below).

Peer-Reviewer 2
Read through the document like an editor. Mark all writing-level mishaps, make notes about confusing sentences, offer alteratives to word selection, and the like. Feel free to comment on content issues as well, but this is a writing-level approach to the text. (Be sure to initial the draft you reviewed).

Points for Reviews
– For quality peer reviews, each peer reviewer earns up to 5 course points.
– For revising your work based on peer feedback, you can receive (up to) 2.5 course points (per review)
Be sure to include the Peer-Reviewer Sheet with your rough draft and final drafts when handing in your work.