Peer Review Guide – L2 Expositing Play Strategies

For this assignment you can have up to two peer reviewers. Peer Reviewer 1 is tasked with a thorough reading/engagement of the work plus providing a revision plan. Peer Reviewer 2 is tasked with providing a topical outline of the assignment.

Peer-Reviewer 1

  1. Read through the draft with a very attentive and critical eye. Mark any grammatical and punctuation errors you find. Feel free to suggest corrections in the text. But also mark any areas that seem confusing, that are awkwardly worded, or that simply don’t read well for you. You can offer suggestions here as well, but the point is primarily to bring these matters to the author’s attention.
  • Note: this step includes not only surface level matters, but also issues of development and even engagement. Are the paragraphs well-developed? Are there concepts or ideas introduced but not explained? Are there word choices that create tension for certain readers?
  1. Read through the draft again. Place a letter (and circle it) next to all the areas that you feel are strengths of this work.
  1. Place a number (and circle it) next to all all the critical areas that you feel must be addressed to make this work a better draft.
  1. In an audio or video recording, work through the draft and talk to the author about the letters you placed in the draft as part of step 2 and the numbers you placed as part of step 3.
  1. Conclude your audio/video recording with what you feel would be a helpful Revision Plan for the author.
  2. Using Canvas Inbox, upload the audio/video file and send it to the author (be sure to send include the instructor on the email).

Peer-Reviewer 2

Topical Focus – As you work through the reading response, you will want to write down the topic of each paragraph and then, working sentence by sentence, write down the topic or focus of each sentence, creating a focal outline for the author. Once completed, look back at the topical outline and highlight areas of focal inconsistency (particularly with regard to paragraphing) and areas in which there are missing connections between topics.

Points for Reviews
– Quality reviews can earn Reviewer 1 up to 20 course points.
– Quality reviews can earn Reviewer 2 up to 10 course points
– For revising your work based on peer feedback, you can receive up to 10 course points for Peer Review 1 and 5 points for Peer Review 2 reviews.

Be sure to include the Peer-Reviewer Sheet with your rough draft and final drafts when handing in your work. Also, Peer-Reviewer 1 should send the audio/video recording to you through Canvas Inbox and should CC me on the email.