Diamond Guide

All students begin with 2 Diamonds. Beyond that, diamonds can be earned by successfully completing specific course assignments, earned from the Bonus Roll, or as a reward item for certain in-class and/or course achievements.

The diamonds themselves function as part of a exchange system in that they can be used:

(a) for “revising and resubmitting” a course assignment for an improved grade (1 diamond per revision/resubmission, up to a maximum of 2 revisions per assignment) — their primary function;

(b) for Instant Assignment Completion (IAC)*, which allows a student to bypass assignment on a particular assignment sequence  in order to unlock access to another assignment (Note: the IAC assignment does not earn any course points);

(c) for bonus course points at the end of the course  (1 diamond = 10 course points; maximum of 100 course points can be earned from diamonds);

(d) for fast tracking turned-in work to the top of the grading pile: In exchange for 1 Diamond, I’ll move a submitted assignment to the top of the grading pile [relative, of course, to other “fast tracked” assignments]); and

(e) for a Diamond-for-Point-Credit (DPC) Exchange at the end of course, where students can spend earned diamonds in exchange for having points from “completed” (not “successfully completed”) course work count toward their final grade total.

* The necessary diamond exchange value for an IAC will be indicated on each assignment in which an IAC is possible.

Whenever a student intends to spend a diamond, he or she needs to indicate in writing (on paper or via email) to the instructor the amount of diamonds being used and for what they are being spent.


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