Revise and Resubmit Policy

In all writing activities, the value of receiving feedback and making changes in relation to that feedback is perhaps second to none. From informally sharing our words and works by others to more formal mechanisms of peer review, improving one’s writing in relation to targeted feedback is how we gain and grow as writers. This course is no different. We will champion the role of feedback. But we will also champion the possibility of failure. That is, like many video games, it is okay in this course not to succeed on the first try, or even second try. Players simply need to try again. As such, students will have the option to “Revise and Resubmit” for an improved letter grade on all course assignments.

In many cases, revision is more than just an opportunity at better proofreading; it is very often a chance to re-envision the work. As such, sometimes the revisions needed are major; sometimes they are minor. In either case, the assignment grade will be reassessed in relation to both the improved quality of the work and to the depth/degree of revisions that went into that process.


Each revision and resubmission of a course assignment costs 1 Diamond (see Diamonds guide for more on earning and spending diamonds).

– All revise and resubmits should be accompanied by the previous graded draft(s) and instructor comments.

– No single assignment can be revised and resubmitted more than twice. (This is simply due to the limits of time in a given semester, and not a reflection on any particular assumption about the revision process.)


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