Contacting Instructor

For students needing to contact me outside of class, I can be reached in person during regularly scheduled office hours (listed below), by email (hodgson [at] indiana [dot] edu), or by phone (812.855.1834)

Office Hours Policy – For students wishing to meet with me during office hours, it is best to set up an appointment with me. My office hours (listed times and non-listed times) tend to fill quickly. By scheduling an appointment, I can reserve the appropriate amount of time in my schedule for each particular appointment.

Email Policy – I check my email frequently and do my best to respond to emails within a 24 hour period, but students should be aware that emails arriving after 4:00pm will not be answered until the next day. Additionally, questions that can be answered by reading the syllabus are often responded to with “CTS” (check the syllabus). I expect students to be resourceful, responsible participants, which means learning how to use basic course resources like the course syllabus. Further, I do not discuss student writing or student course grades via email. As such, students wishing to discuss course work or their writing, course content or in-class discussions, course grades or evaluative procedures, and so on, should set up an appointment during my office hours.

Office Hours
T/TH 11:45am-12:45pm (and by appointment).
Ballantine Hall 476 (or via video conferencing options).

Office Hours Bonus: Students making use of my office hours during the semester to discuss their writing/projects will receive 10 course points for each visit. All other office visits related to our course (content, discussion, structure, etc.,) will receive 5 course points.


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