What Makes a Good Podcast

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Students (working in collaborations [of two or three]) will write a short paper that details what, in fact, makes a good podcast. Students will need to evaluate sources and example podcasts, determine their own set of criteria for identifying (and evaluating) good podcasts, and then present those findings in a clear and articulate manner.

– Complete all L1 assignments
– Complete L2 Joining the Blogosphere
– Complete L3 Vlogosphere #2 or L3 Leading Reading Discussion

To complete this assignment, students must produce a short paper (400-600 words) that identifies and explains the key elements in a good (or successful) podcast. These elements can range from genre features, content pieces, stylistic approaches, and technical productions (among others).

Diamond Reward
Students who successfully complete this assignment will earn +1 course diamond.

Assignment Description
Students will do some exploratory work to figure out, in their view, what are the core criteria for a good podcast. There are, of course, general guidelines and rules to the art of podcasting, but specific successful measures tend to arise in relation to particular genres of podcasts and/or those targeted at specific audiences. Something like Serial, for example, offers notably different elements than Bill Simmons BS sports podcast, which is different than something like Hello from the Magic Tavern podcast. As such, students will need to do some basic research into what makes a good podcast. These can include anything from studying “how to” guides and tips and tricks from various internet sites to listening to several podcasts and identifying similarities in terms of features or process.

Once students have determined the values that constitute a compelling podcast, at least in terms of the kinds of podcasts they envision producing for L6 Podcast Pilot, they will then need to compose a short paper that introduces these metrics, explains what they are/how they work, and then helps us understand why they matter in the context of podcast evaluation.

Note: The criteria established here will be used in part by the instructor in his/her evaluation of your L6 Podcast Pilot project.

These papers will be evaluated in terms of their written quality, their ability to identify and articulate key criteria for evaluating podcasts, the significance of the criteria identified, and the overall flow and readability of the text.

The goal of this assignment is to help students determine the qualities of a successful podcast and then to establish the basic criteria by which they want their own podcasts to be evaluated. Further, this helps students identify key features of different types of representation and to synthesize those elements into a valuable heuristic.

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